Locksmith Information 101

– Don’t Trust a Contractor
They usually don’t install locks (especially dead bolts) properly. Many times locksmiths get on scene to do a simple re-key and the lock isn’t installed properly. This puts the residents at risk of burglary.

– Put Your Faith in Dead Bolts
Assuming it’s properly installed, it is your best source of protection for a lock. Properly installed means: having a one inch throw on the strike side, and a security plate with at least three inch screws.

– A Window Near The Door Requires More Than a Thumb Dead Bolt:
Burglars can break the window, reach in and then unlock the door. Employ a double cylinder lock that requires a key inside and outside.

– Re-Key Your New Home
Not worth the risk to have a key that unlocks your new house floating around somewhere.

– “Do Not Duplicate” Does Not Deter
These keys are duplicated all the time. Same with high security keys. They are not any safer than normal keys.

– Go With at Least a Grade 2
The name brand locks are well-known and the companies are very reputable, however, they are still low quality. Stick with Grade 2 or higher. The extra dollar is a much better piece of mind.

– Only Call One Locksmith
Be respectful, only call one service, please.

– Car Dealerships are not Exclusive for Duplicates
Most keys can be duplicated by an automotive locksmith. They can usually also be created at a more cost effective rate.

– Lubricant Can Solve Your Problem
If the key doesn’t turn, try WD-40 or silicone spray before calling a locksmith.

– Valet Keys For Your House?
Locksmiths can create keys that only work in one of the locks to your house. These are just like a car valet key that won’t open glove box. These are perfect for babysitters, and housekeepers who need their own key.

– Be Careful Who You Call
There are many locksmiths that will give you the quote you want to here and end up charging more. The scenario goes like this:
“Your lock is special, I’ll have to drill it out and install a new lock.” – This is a dangerous scenario as far as spending goes. Be aware!



Notable Mentions:

A special thank you  to Equity Realty in Naples, Florida for helping gather information on reputable Locksmiths.